Minnesota Heads Into An Unnecessary Shutdown


As we head into Independence Day weekend, Minnesotans have more on their mind than just holiday celebrations. Late Thursday night Legislators sat in their chambers waiting to be called into a special session in order to pass the “lights-on” bill that would prevent the government from shutting down until a deal could be reached. Meanwhile Governor Dayton was holding a press conference in which he referred to the “lights-on” bill as a “publicity stunt” several times, and never called the special session. As a result of the shutdown, over 22,000 state employees will be forced out of work.

The Governor keeps referring to the ‘cuts’ in the Republican budget as “draconian” which is absolutely false. The Republican budget of $34 billion is the largest budget in the history of Minnesota, yet it does not raise taxes. Republican leadership has offered to match almost half of the Governor’s budget, yet the Governor refused.

In an article by FrumForum, the Governor was quoted saying Republicans “would prefer to protect the richest handful of Minnesotans at the expense of everyone else.. Instead of taxing their friends, they would prefer very damaging cuts to healthcare, public safety, mass transit” and other state services. What he failed to mention was that taxes will go up for everyone. According to a study by the Department of Revenue, his tax increase will affect all levels of income earners.

In fact an article from the St. Cloud Times says “about half of the 45,500 taxpayers who would pay the higher rate are small-business owners.” In a study by the Minnesota Business Partnership, to replace just one of households earning $1 million or more, Minnesota has to attract 65 households earning between $48,000 and $66,000 to replace the lost tax revenue. Minnesota Legislators have proposed a balanced budget that will keep Minnesota a business friendly state and start to put a limit on Government. Meanwhile Governor Dayton’s budget is already starting to hurt Minnesotans and will continue to grow government at an unsustainable rate.


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