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Sen. Murray's DSCC Pressuring Koch Bros. For Cash?


The Left and Democrat establishment have made a cottage industry out of bashing the Koch brothers, most especially post-Wisconsin union battles. So, what to make of a letter and phone call from DSCC Chair Senator Patty Murray promising the Koch’s access and accommodation in exchange for cash?

Sure, this kind of fund raising goes on all the time, though not all get a personal phone call from the DSCC Chair herself. Would it be unfair to speculate that were a little cash to flow the right, or perhaps that’s the Left’s way, Democrat’s might call off the dogs? It is curious, to say the least. Finally, I wonder how the unions will react knowing that powerful Democrats are also currying favor with the Koch brothers, while they remain dissatisfied with some Democrat policy moves?

For many months now, your colleagues in the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee leadership have engaged in a series of disparagements and ad hominem attacks about us, apparently as part of a concerted political and fundraising strategy. Just recently, Senator Reid wrote in a DSCC fundraising letter that Republicans are trying to “force through their extreme agenda faster than you can say ‘Koch Brothers.'”

So you can imagine my chagrin when I got a letter from you on June 17 asking us to make five-figure contributions to the DSCC.

You followed that up with a voicemail* indicating that, if we contributed heavily enough, we would garner an invitation to join you and other Democratic leaders at a retreat in Kiawah Island this September.


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