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Nevada DMV + Pro-Palin License Plate Request = Liberal Hate (and Who's Surprised?)


Now and then an example of the Left’s sheer hatred for all things conservative presents itself in such a way that we dare not pass up the opportunity to examine it and learn lessons from it. Whether it’s the media’s apoplectic response to President Reagan’s description of the Soviet Union as an “evil empire” in 1983 or a scene from earlier this year wherein mobs of unionized public employees stormed the Wisconsin Capital to keep Governor Scott Walker from reining in that state’s spending problems, through their actions the Left unwittingly undercuts their claim to tolerance, instead demonstrating with clarity their likes and dislikes, their friends and foes.

And while the Left has made it clear that Sarah Palin is someone they don’t like – someone they count not as a friend but a foe – their pettiness toward her came into sharper focus on July 18th thanks to the Las Vegas Sun.

According to the Sun, Nevada resident James Linlor tried unsuccessfully to get a personalized license plate that read “GOPALIN” for two years (2009 & 2010). And in the summer of 2010 he also tried to get “PALIN,” “PALIN12” or “PALIN16,” but the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) rejected all three of those as well.

Of course, this story would be non-starter if it could be proven that the Nevada DMV also rejected requests for plates that highlighted the names of Democrats or fringe kook leftists who think ozone depletion is a greater problem that militant Islam. But the case is quite the opposite. According to Linlor, who has now filed a lawsuit over his plates, the Nevada DMV has “issued other politics-related license plates, including, ‘GOGREEN,’ ‘DMOCRAT,’ ‘AL GORE,’ ‘KERRY,’ ‘EDWARDS,’ ‘DEAN,’ [and] ‘HILLARY.'”Politics aside for a second – Is the person with the “DEAN” license plate driving around with a brown paper sack over their head right now or what?Talk about embarrassing.Anyway, back to Palin – The Left hates her.

They don’t just hate her politics or the fact that she’s beautiful or the fact that she gave birth to a child with Down syndrome instead of having an abortion or the fact that she went to school in flyover country or the fact that she doesn’t need them or the fact that she really does want to “drill here, drill now.” While all of these things are contributing factors, the bottom line is that they simply hate her for being Sarah Palin: for being the one who remains “The Undefeated” in the minds of so many conservatives across the fruited plain.The good news is that the Nevada DMV is feeling the heat and they’re going to change the way personalized license plate requests are handled in the state from now on (according the Sun).The bad news is that somewhere, right now, someone in Nevada is driving around with the words “AL GORE” on their license plate (and it doesn’t get much worse than that). GOPALIN GO!


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