Obama's St. Louis Fundraiser Reveals Diminished Star Power

Last night, President Obama visited St.Louis for a $25,000 plate fundraiser courtesy of Russ Carnahan and his family. Across the street from the fundraiser, on Lindell Drive near Forest Park, members of the St. Louis Tea Party stopped by to welcome him with jeers and boos, displaying signs showing their extreme dissatisfaction of his policies over the past two years. I had the opportunity to capture some images of the event of both the members of the St.Louis Tea Party as well as the handful of Obama supporters.

Adam Sharp of SharpElbows.net and Jim Hoft (Gateway Pundit) among others.

Predictably, a pro-Obama counter-protest assembled, but the show of support for President Obama during his last visit in 2010 was much larger — a far cry from the amount of supporters that turned out for him this time around, shown by my photos from the event in 2010.

This time, no “Rednecks for Obama” and no pre-printed union signs.

The handful of Obama supporters.

The best show of support the Obama acolytes could whip up was one faded T-shirt, some foul language and accusations of “racism” even toward Congressional Candidate Martin Baker who announced his plans to run for Congress at the 1st Black Conservative Convention which took place in St. Louis, which I reported on back in August. It’s ironic the Obama supporters accused Mr. Baker of racism despite their own despicable racial slurs against the man.

More details on the vile language against Tea Partiers and GOP Candidate Martin Baker can be found on PO’ed Patriot and SharpElbows.net


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