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Troops Welcomed Home in St. Louis but Not at Bank of America

What started as a conversation on Facebook between two St.Louisans, Craig Schneider and Tom Appelbaum, sparked into the first “Welcome Home” Parade for U.S. troops after leaving operations in Iraq. Veterans and those supporting them traveled from all over the

Occupy Wall Street Now Protesting Against Math

– Those supporting the Occupy Wall Street Movement are up in arms as 30-year Democratic Campaign Consultant Doug Schoen reported his polling data in the Wall Street Journal on Oct. 18th. Arielle Alter Confino, a senior researcher at Schoen’s firm,

Obama's St. Louis Fundraiser Reveals Diminished Star Power

Last night, President Obama visited St.Louis for a $25,000 plate fundraiser courtesy of Russ Carnahan and his family. Across the street from the fundraiser, on Lindell Drive near Forest Park, members of the St. Louis Tea Party stopped by to

Sharia-Compliant Finance And How We Are Funding Jihad in the Heartland

Sharia-Compliant Finance While our eyes are on Obama’s mantra of “Pass the Bill!” or the campaigning of Republican hopefuls, one of the least talked about forms of Jihad is making great advancements into our U.S. financial system, Sharia-Compliant Finance. In

The Mission Continues for the Armed Forces Museum

For over 28 years the Armed Forces Museum has existed in the St.Louis region. It has had many different homes during its long history starting at St.Louis’ Lambert Airport to various locations including Granite City, and more recently, Alton, Illinois. Stepping Outside the Template

For about 100 years Progressives have been pushing their racist platitudes and policies beginning as far back as the segregation President, Woodrow Wilson. Others of that time period, like Planned Parenthood’s founder Margaret Sanger, have promoted methods for actively decreasing

The Subtle Domination Of Sharia Law, and How Freedom Can Win

Ideology and Practices Would you allow a murderer to teach your children? What about their friends who support their actions, would they make good teachers? What if the actions these people support involved sex with minors or the mutilating of