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The Cheat Sheet, October 6: Solyndra Doesn't Seem So Funny


Heard this great joke the other day.

E-Mails: OMB Staffers Joked About Solyndra Bilking Tax Payers

Are you laughing, yet? They are, I trust you realize, still laughing at you. Don’t get mad, get even. Take our country back in 2012 and put some of these clowns out of a job. We’ll see who’s laughing, then.

Nevada has announced its caucus date. With other dates to be announced, New Hamphire law stipulates that its primary remain the first in the nation. It’s unclear what if any ramifications that may present. Iowa, also a caucus, has generally preceded NH by one week. I would say Election 2012 can’t get here fast enough, but it may be getting here even faster, soon. Stay tuned.

The Nevada Republican Party announced Wednesday that it will hold its presidential caucus on Jan. 14, likely pushing the first votes of the 2012 election cycle into 2011.

Microsoft is reportedly considering a bid for Yahoo, which recently did a content deal with ABC.

BusinessInsider has a round-up of all things Steve Jobs and Apple.

Democrats have tossed a White House tax proposal for another. With luck, the words “toss, Democrat” and “White House” will feature prominently in the headlines of 2012.

Senate Democrats, divided over how to pay for President Obama’s jobs plan, Wednesday tossed out the White House tax proposals and replaced them with one of their own: a tax increase on millionaires. Obama’s plan to increase taxes on individuals earning more than $200,000 and joint filers making more than $250,000 was highly unpopular among some Democrats.

Senate Dems are planning a committee vote today to recommend Richard Cordray as the new head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. If you think debit card fees are annoying, wait until Cordray takes on the near-limitless powers of the fed’s newest bureaucracy. Like Elizabeth Warren, he’s a lefty, but one with deep ties to the trial bar.

The Department of Labor has pronounced Obama’s Green Jobs training program a flop. Certainly, “flop” should be able to find a home in headlines about Obama in 2012, as well.

Jobless claims again edged above 400k. The recession is entirely baked into the cake at this point.

Of course, Reuters sees the increase in jobless claims as a sign of improvement in the economy. The media is just making stuff up at this point. Not that they’re getting away with it completely. A new poll finds that most Americans think the economy will get worse if Obama’s reelected.

DOOM: Every day I have the blues

The Bank of England is injecting over $100 billion into the UK economy. Cause, you know, its worked so well here, notes BG contributor Brian Darling. And, the European Central Bank is keeping interest rates where they are. None of this will really matter once Greece goes into its inevitable default.

While the liberal media has been both determined and desperate to make the Occupy Wall Street effort the Tea Party of the Left, as it were, … said tea doesn’t come without a tax, otherwise known as someone’s union dues.

Unions lend muscle, resources to Wall St. protests

Tea Party Envy: Careful what you wish for, liberals

Instead of occupying Wall Street, the protestors would be better off occupying K Street:

The celebrities joining forces with the “working class” on Wall Street and the media that is giving it publicity don’t trust the individual. Economic systems that don’t trust individuals are commonly called socialism, or at an extreme, communism. We know they don’t work and are bad for “working people”.

Instead of occupying Wall Street, maybe they ought to occupy K Street.

The New Black Panther stories are forcing Media Matters to circle the wagons for Obama.

BigPeace Worldview, October 6: Turkey Prepares To Invade Iraq, Targeting PKK Kurds

Meanwhile, in other news. Dinosaurs? Must have been the item on unions above that made me think of that one!

Researchers at the University of Arkansas are studying a new field of fossilized dinosaur tracks, including one set that appears to be from a large three-toed predator, the university said Wednesday.


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