#OccupyWallSt: Let's Have an Anarchist College!


Just because the #OccupyWallSt crowd is drowning in student loans and unable to find jobs in Obama’s economy doesn’t mean they’ve given up on higher education completely. If one worthless degree in gender or culture studies doesn’t cut it in today’s competitive marketplace, why not add two or three more? Well, the #OccupyWallSt crowd is ON TOP OF IT!

On Wednesday they decided that what they really needed was an Anarchist College. (We’re not kidding.) And, they took to the web to solicit instructors (sorry, facilitators):

Liberty Plaza Anarchist College Seeks Teacher/Facilitators

Posted on October 5, 2011 by thehumanchannel

The main goals and values of this college is to teach how important establishing the values of any group is, and that a society or environment of non-dominance and non-hierarchy is the one in which its members thrive. Anarchy literally means without a ruler, so an individual who oppresses any other individual by limiting their autonomy including if it is a member of the establishment’s protection service, (i.e. police) who is not directly involved in oppression, would not be an anarchist since they would be dominating the other without warrant. Unprovoked oppression not for defense of ones own autonomy is not anarchy.

Please refer teachers and materials to OWSEducation@gmail.com. A short intro to the class you’d like to teach will help pair you with other facilitators.

Subjects needed

Consensus Process, facilitator neutrality and values


green anarchy etc


self reliability

beyond the gender binary

consent (in macro and micro levels)




open source


anything at all that is not oppressive

These classes will be well prepared for. Reach out to others to help with rough scripts so that the information is as concise and accessible for all viewers of the videos.

Furniture? We’re starting to understand why these kids don’t have jobs. Keep this in mind when the media tries to tell you this is a mainstream movement reflective of the views of the American public.


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