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Nobel Peace Prize Winner Criticizes #OccupyWallSt


From the Associated Press:

But the absence of a simple, common goal frustrated some.

“The problem with their street theater is that it discredits the whole thing. It doesn’t seem serious,” said writer Chris Gay, 53. “They have got the attention, but now what? Once you have people’s attention, you need some proposals.”

Scathing criticism was leveled Friday by none other than Liberia’s peace campaigner Leymah Gbowee, shortly after she was named joint winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.

She praised the US activists for their energy, but said: “If you are doing a protest you need to have an agenda. If you wake up in the morning and poke a guitar, take a drum downtown and someone is singing and another one is dancing and movie stars are coming and saying do this, do that… and everyone is confused, you’ll be there for a long time.”

Some pundits believe that a likely avenue for Occupy Wall Street is to develop into a left-wing version of the conservative Tea Party movement.

The Tea Party has likewise lacked unity over much other than anger at the status quo. Yet it proved a powerful weapon during the 2010 congressional elections.

According to this scenario, the youth-driven activists of Occupy Wall Street would then reignite Obama’s tattered base just in time for what will likely be a bitter reelection fight in 2012.

A budding alliance between the activists and high-profile trade unions already has the potential to generate considerable street power.

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