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The Cheat Sheet, October 11: The BS of the Jobs Bill


The Obama administration has cost so many Americans jobs, it’s a wonder more of those in it still have theirs. David Axelrod’s current job seems to be selling Obama’s jobs bill. But then, you can’t spell “jobs bill,” let alone sell it, without bs.

As the Senate prepares to vote on President Obama’s jobs bill, the Obama campaign released a memo by senior strategist David Axelrod that seems designed to give wavering senators reason to vote for the bill: it makes the case that “there is no Republican alternative that would create jobs now.”

Are Democrats poised to try and pass Obama’s jobs bill in pieces?

Senate Democrats are poised to bring Obama’s jobs bill to the floor for a vote Tuesday, but with passage facing long odds, party leaders may break the legislation into parts, hoping for greater success in smaller increments.

The AP has Romney in the hot seat for tonight’s debate. Perry has been moved over a seat in the arrangement to make room for Herman Cain. While more window dressing, than anything, in terms of the debate, it should prove interesting if a shift in the current race dynamics shakes up anything in addition to the seating arrangements. Stay tuned.

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — They’re coming to what is essentially his home turf — and they are ready to challenge Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney on the economy, the central issue to the former Massachusetts governor’s campaign.

Is this Perry’s now-or-never debate? If not, it may be getting close. Bachmann is trying to assure supporters that her campaign isn’t floundering. Tough sell.

Uh-oh: Romney advisors met several times with White House staff during the debates over ObamaCare. Chances this topic comes up in tonight’s debate: 150%!

This Week in Washington: October 11

DOOM: I’ve got the blues before sunrise

Under a German plan, Greek bondholders may have to accept a 60% loss. There are fears that such an event would snowball through world financial markets. Dark days ahead.

Scary chart of the day. The red line is real household median income. The blue line is the unemployment rate. Real household median income has fallen almost 7% in just the last two years!

A quick bit of Tech news, the iPad Facebook ap is out.

Facebook and Google are stepping up their involvement in the upcoming election:

[T]heir stepped-up political presence comes as those companies and others hire lobbyists, form political action committees and nurture their relationships with lawmakers whose policy decisions affect the companies’ bottom line.

Wisconsin Democrats begin their move to oust Governor Walker. If one didn’t know better, one might think they don’t like democracy very much. But be careful, suggesting anything akin to that might get you off ESPN and Fox, so sings Bocephus aka Hank Williams, Jr.

The state Democratic Party will begin circulating recall petitions Nov. 15, aiming to boot out of office the Republican governor who became the face of the anti-union movement.

That almost sounds like a description of his administration, or is “tatters” a better word? Republican Rep. Issa claims Fast and Furious subpoenas will be issued soon. Attornet General Eric Holster may, or may not be packing now, might he be, soon?

The Royal Academy of Sweden provided yet more evidence they are totally separate from the committee that awards the other Nobel prizes. The prize for Economics this year was awarded to two prominent anti-Keynesian American economists.

With this year’s picks, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences upholds its reputation of being less cloistered and distant from reality than some of the other Nobel selectors. It may well be a sign of the times that the Academy selected two economists so at odds with the recent Keynesian vogue, and in tune instead with the frustration with government fine-tuning that has dominated world economic policy since 2008.

BigPeace’s Worldview, October 11: Massacre of Christians in Egypt. (So, how’s that Arab Spring working out?)

Netflix has abandoned plans for a Qwikster DVD service. The best laid plans, etc….


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