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Cheat Sheet: Public Blames Government Over Wall Street, Nevada's Debate Results and Caucus Controversy


Pardon us for stating the obvious, everyone knows this, along with knowing that if there were a Republican in the White House, Washington is precisely where the main protest effort would be held. Funny how things change with Barry, the community organizer-in-chief in the House.

More Americans blame Washington than Wall Street for the country’s economic problems, a new poll shows.

Will last night’s debate revive Perry’s struggling candidacy? Reuters and others seem to think so.

“This is the start of Romney vs. Romney. We’ll have him debating himself before this is over,” said one senior Perry adviser, explaining the strategy.

What happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas, or so they say; however, what happens throughout the state of Nevada does not, obviously. They may have placed a bet, but there’s still seems room for hedging it, somewhat.

“It’s not necessarily a different answer. It’s just the more discussions you have the more you take into perspective,” she said after Tuesday night’s GOP debate in Las Vegas. “You just have to weigh pros and cons — so, as of now, we are still on the 14th.” Five GOP presidential candidates have said they will boycott Nevada’s caucuses if the date is not altered to accommodate New Hampshire.

Keep your eyes on Greece. Occupy Wall Street may be more entertaining, but only so long as there is a Wall Street to occupy.

(Reuters) – Greek unions began a 48-hour general strike on Wednesday, the biggest protest in years, as parliament prepared to vote on sweeping new austerity measures designed to stave off a default that could trigger a crisis in the wider euro zone.

Sgt. Gilad Schalit has been freed via a prisoner exchange.

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) – Hamas militants whisked a captured Israeli soldier across the Gaza border into Egypt early Tuesday, beginning an elaborate prisoner swap deal in which hundreds of Palestinian inmates are to be freed in return for the captured tank crewman.

You can have my tent when you pry it from my cold, shivering hands. That’s what I get for being dumb enough to sleep on the ground night after night in NYC in the Fall? Maybe they should have occupied a condo in Miami instead; it’s a thought!

“The Constitution doesn’t protect tents,” he said at a news conference in Queens. “It protects speech and assembly.” The mayor expressed concern that those exercising a “right to be silent” might be getting drowned out amid the din of the protests.

It might have saved some wear and tear on 9-11 shrines in NYC, as well.

A Big Government reader, Andrew Kaczynski, noted that demonstrators squatting in Zuccotti Park have defaced a 9/11 memorial statue.

Note to the LA Times: the beauty of America is that it isn’t only about being born into things. Usually, you have to work for them. Hillary did but lost. That doesn’t mean she and husband Bill won’t forever occupy a special place in the Right’s heart, even if it is only a little room we like to use to kick them around some once in a while.

Hillary Rodham Clinton, the woman seemingly born to become the first female president of the United States, on Monday again ruled out a race for the top office in 2016 and insisted she is ready to return to private life.

The Bennington Banner takes on actor Alec Baldwin for his passing support of the Occupy movement. We know Baldwin can reads the lines, the question is, can he learn from them?

Of course there are a number of the usual multi-millionaire Hollywood suspects jumping on the “we hate rich people” bandwagon. One is actor Alec Baldwin — the same Alec Baldwin who has been all over television lately touting the Capital One Venture Card. Baldwin is actually partnering with Capital One to support private foundations which promote the arts, a worthy cause and a model of how arts funding should be provided. It is interesting, though, that Baldwin would choose to partner with a bank rather than, say, the National Endowment for the Arts. Perhaps corporations have their uses after all.


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