#OccupyLA: To Hell With Solidarity, But Wait…Free Food Stamps!!

I spent a few hours with the “occupiers” in Los Angeles. Most of them were dirty, confused, and spent a lot of time fighting with one another. Right before we left, someone offered $150 of “emergency” taxpayer funded food stamps to all the “occupy” vagrants. Newsflash: your poor planning doesn’t constitute an emergency. Again we have the 53% who do pay taxes paying for the poor choices of the members of the 47% who don’t pay taxes.

Typical Marxist thinking in action, right before your very eyes. To them, this is what “democracy” looks like.

[youtube SNerJooTSa8]

These people can barely manage feeding themselves and, as such, they sure as hell can’t manage the Marxist “revolution” they’re trying to foment.