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#OccupyDayton Threatens to Sue in Response to Video of Activist: 'F- the Military, F- your Flag, F- the Police'


The radicals at “Occupy Dayton” were not too happy when one of their activists was caught on video shouting: “F*ck the military, f*ck your flag, f*ck the police!”

The video aired at and was subsequently picked up across the blogosphere.

In response, the “Media Committee” of Occupy Dayton issued the press release below, in which organizers threaten to sue… someone… for libel:


Occupy Dayton Threat to Sue

The case that Occupy Dayton relies on, Becker v. Toulmin, 165 Ohio St. 549 (1956), does not have any relevance here. The video merely publishes the activist’s own words, which he stated volubly and in public.

Furthermore, the activist depicted is involved in a matter of public concern, and therefore is a public figure for the purpose of Occupy Dayton. He would therefore have to meet a higher–in this case, impossible–standard of proof.

Neither he, nor Occupy Dayton, has a case.

We expect the “Media Committee” of Occupy Dayton to honor its promise to “issue a further statement…to update on the status of the legal action being taken.”

We expect that statement to be: “None.”


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