New Video Exposes Greenpeace's Environmental Extremism


Earlier this month, the Keystone XL pipeline was big in the news with environmental groups weighing in forcefully against the proposal and alleging a pro-pipeline bias on the part of the Department of State. Prominent among such groups was Greenpeace, which alleged “cozy relationships between oil lobbyists and the State Department” that supposedly led to a determination that the pipeline would not have a “significant [environmental] impact.” Of course, Greenpeace has a long history of taking extreme (and also in cases hypocritical) positions on energy, agriculture, development and other matters with effects that many people would regard as obviously negative, topics that just happen to be explored in a new video exposing the victims of Greenpeace.

[youtube iBb_tm76NiY]

Will the video have an impact on Greenpeace’s credibility?

That remains to be seen, but it certainly seems to expose some shocking behavior on the group’s part that many conservatives will regard as worthy of attention.


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