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Emperor Obama: 'We Can't Wait' for the Constitutional Process and the Representative Rule of Law


President Barack Obama last week unveiled his latest attempt to divert attention away from his horrendously failed economic policies and record. In his ongoing effort to “fundamentally transform America” and his loomingly piteous campaign to get reelected, the newest phraseology is “We Can’t Wait.”

From his weekly radio address on Saturday:

“The truth is, we can no longer wait for Congress to do its job….So where Congress won’t act, I will.”

There is so much disingenuousness contained in just this tiny excerpt. The truth is, there is nothing at all new about this. President Obama has been end-running Congress to unilaterally “fundamentally transform America” since (at least) November 2, 2010. That election day was a stinging, historic rebuke of the Leftist, Big Government policies of President Obama and his Democrats. Not just in D.C. but throughout the nation, at the state and local levels as well. It was a crashing, crushing wave that Obama himself described it as a “shellacking.”

We the People elected Republicans in huge numbers up and down the ticket to (amongst other things) serve as a blockade to the Socialism being further emplaced by Donkeys. Unfortunately, the will of We the People remains utterly irrelevant to Obama. After the brutal Congressional slog that was the jamming-through of ObamaCare, over the expressed objections of We the People, the President had enough of the legislative (or constitutional) way of doing things, so he began his regulatory fiat power grabs.

Can’t pass the energy sector-assault that is Cap & Trade? No problem, President Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will start imposing large swaths of it as if it has. Can’t pass the workplace-assault that is the Big Union-payoff Card Check? No problem, President Obama’s National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and Department of Labor will start imposing large swaths of it as if it has.

So for the President this weekend to pretend his democracy denying-dictaorial-ism is something new is mendacious. He’s been going at it at a pretty good for years and he’s only announcing that he’s now really going to ramp it up. He isn’t tired of “wait(ing) for Congress to do its job.” He long ago lost any interest in anything having to do with Congress — save their utility as an electioneering punching bag. Congress is in fact doing exactly the job we (in part) elected them to do: Be an impediment to the President’s overarching, overreaching Leftist agenda. And they have been largely successful when Obama isn’t illegally, serially, wantonly going around them.

The best chance We the People (and our representatives in Congress) have to push back against all of this is on Network Neutrality. Net Neutrality is what Obama’s Federal Communications Commission (FCC) illegally jammed through last December and just now beginning to impose (it officially goes into effect November 20).

But Net Neutrality can be stopped by the same Congress Obama ducked in its imposition.

The fight to undo the FCC’s power grab currently resides in the United States Senate, as they have before them the House-passed Congressional Review Act Resolution of Disapproval, which will overturn the FCC’s illegal Net Neutrality action. The bad news is the Senate has but a finite period of time to act (and the illegal order goes into effect on November 20).

The good news is because of this short and closing window, only 51 votes are required for passage. No filibusters allowed. It appears all 47 Senate Republicans are on board, ready to say Aye, which means we need four Democrats. That’s where the fun begins.

23 Democrat Senate seats are up for election in 2012. Some of the current sitters are retiring. Many are running to re-up, several in swing or even Republican-leaning states.

These Donkey Senators surely remember the less government 2010 electoral “shellacking” of many of their colleagues and likely live in dread anticipation of a 2012 redux. So let us remind them why We the People voted the way we did (and will again): We want smaller, more accountable government, the kind President Obama has incessantly flouted, the kind Obama’s FCC eviscerated with its Net Neutrality power grab. the kind the Senate can take an important step towards restoring by voting to undo said Obama FCC authoritarianism.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Upper Chamber, prepare to vote; rest assured, we’re watching.


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