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#OccupyOttawa Covering Up Sexual Assault, Violence


Via Ironic Surrealism (original emphasis):

[youtube 8h1M4osgdPs#!]

At the very beginning of the video, a distraught occupier complains about having been assaulted twice (“once with contaminated vomit“), and of other assaults in the camp occurring; including sexual assault. And the community’s failure to properly address the incidents. Directly after, another member points out the videographer (a non occupier), leading another member to attempt to censor the man behind the camera. All of which, mind you, is taking place in a public park.

A bit later on, the first man who broached the subject of assault, gives the camera man permission to film him, and he then proceeds to expound on the groups covering up assault and their policy to not get the police involved.

The prevalence of crime, violence, and sexual assault at Occupy protests, and the attempt by organizers to cover up these incidents, have become a pattern at Occupy demonstrations.



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