The Cheat Sheet, October 31: Politico Confirms Cain Is a Contender


Here’s the Herman Cain news everyone is talking about today.

Funny how quick the media is to jump on the Cain allegations, yet were remarkably restrained on covering the more serious allegations surrounding John Edwards. Wonder what would account for that?

Trick or treat?

SOUTH WINDSOR, Conn. (AP) – Thousands of schoolchildren around the Northeast had one of the earliest snow days in memory Monday after a storm dumped as much as 30 inches of wet, heavy snow that snapped trees and power lines, caused widespread power failures and threatened to disrupt Halloween trick-or-treating.

John at Verum Serum blog spent a day at Occupy LA so you don’t have to.

Suprise! A European Marxist college professor turned up at #OccupyWallSt over the weekend. He predicted violence against the “1%” in the future.

#OccupyOakland is calling for a city-wide general strike on November 2. We’ll see how much public support they really have.

Our own rap sheet of OWS offenses has now topped 100.

Don’t look for a big march on the White House to be one of them.

Texas joins the growing list of states announcing arrests of OWS protesters.

The arrests occurred thousands of miles apart, but the scenes were similar in Oregon and Texas early Sunday: In the dark of night, police told Occupy demonstrators to leave protest sites. Those who refused were handcuffed and arrested.

DOOM: I like that Doom Doom Pow

The shelf-life for the latest “plan” to save the Eurozone looks to be about two weeks.

Charlie Gasparino warns that investors are crazy if they are falling for this bogus plan:

Last week’s euro bailout certainly had that 2008 US-bailout feel — but only worse because of the half-baked nature of the plan.

Who said we wouldn’t have Jon Corzine to kick around any longer? Seems to me many of the so called 1% are Democrats.

(Reuters) – In early April, Jon Corzine was in a tough spot. MF Global, the company he had run for the previous year, was about to post a fourth-quarter loss, marking its fourth successive fiscal year of red ink.

BIg Peace: 31-Oct-11 World View — Somali-American Identified As Suicide Bomber In Mogadishu

An Iowa Credit Union is revising its health care policy.

It also gave workers a mandate – quit smoking, curb obesity, or you’ll be paying higher healthcare costs in 2013. It doesn’t yet know by how much, but one thing’s for certain – the unhealthy will pay more. The credit union, which has more than 500 employees, is not alone.

Finally, the United Nations expects the world’s population to reach 7 billion today. Powerline reminds us that before there was climate change, it was the POPULATION BOMB that would destroy us:

Connelly recalls computer projections and economic models that offered precise and “scientifically grounded” projections of future global ruin from population growth, all of which were quickly falsified. The mass famines and food riots that were predicted never occurred; fertility rates began to fall everywhere, even in nations that lacked “family planning” programs.

There will come a time when all the climate change hysteria will seem equally silly.


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