Wife of Wisconsin State Employee Suggests Gov's Wife, Sons be Raped

On Sunday, the Green Bay Press-Gazette posted a link on its Facebook page to an Associated Press story detailing state aid cuts to organizations that help victims of sexual abuse. After that story was posted, a reader left a comment expressing outrage that the state would cut such aid, and asserted that perhaps Governor Scott Walker’s wife or children should become victims of sexual assault so the governor could see the how devastating the state aid cuts really are.

The first comment reads:

Another thing Walker has destroyed . . . well just more people that will sign for recall walker now . . . is he really that ignorant to even attack victims at their lowest . . . what a real prize, maybe someone should rape and victimize his wife and daughter if he has any . . . or even sons, then he will wish he supported this service a lot more.

The women, Nancy Butzlaff, appears to have been the first to comment on this particular story on the Press-Gazette‘s Facebook page. Not too long after her comment, another woman, Jenni Kone-Keeler, suggested that perhaps the governor himself should become the victim of a sexual assault or some assault-related crime. One conservative activist, Lauren Stephens, said that the comments were left up on the Press-Gazette‘s Facebook page for close to nine hours before the paper removed them.

According to Butzlaff’s personal Facebook page, she is married to Robert A. Butzlaff. A search of a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel database found a Robert A. Butzlaff who works for the state of Wisconsin as a corrections officer and made over $63,000–including overtime pay–in 2010.

Court documents show that Nancy Butzlaff apparently pled no contest in 2007 to a charge that she contributed to the delinquency of a child. By cross checking addresses and names found in other court cases, it appears that this is the same Nancy Butzlaff who advocated that Governor Walker’s family become the victims of sexual assault crimes.

This report by Brian Sikma.


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