Obama: 'I Didn't Over Promise'…'I Don't Control the Weather'


Oh contraire mon fraire. You were the one who caused fainting spells on your minions. It was you who said you would heal the planet and tame the rising seas. You set the standard. You made the promises. You would fundamentally change the country (sadly, you have nearly accomplished that one).

It is because of this empty rhetoric that exclusively targeted the grownup children of the country that President Obama should not be allowed a pass on his failings and shortcomings. Remember that everything was going to change in America and the world. Peace was at hand. Poverty would be a thing of the past and the nation would enjoy a new golden era ushered in by a post-partisan, post-historical Obama presidency. Obama possessed within him only the very best qualities of Washington, Jackson, Lincoln, FDR, Kennedy and, oddly enough, Reagan. All because Obama was a fresh face whose mom was a “white woman from Kansas and his father a black African from Kenya” and would be the nation’s first black president.

Would you like to see the bullet proof formula that catapulted him to victory in 2008?

1). Election

2). ???

3). Utopia

Now I know that a president doesn’t have the control or power they pretend to have. It’s a negative result of what we have learned to be the “Modern Presidency.” However, it was Obama and his team who orchestrated the theme; created the monster, so to speak. So now he must deal with it.


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