Still No Justice For Brian Terry

Our government gave Mexican drug cartels more than 2000 guns. One year ago tonight a man used one of those guns to murder Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. Brian Terry was a son, brother, uncle, nephew. Brian Terry was also a Marine. Brian Terry was an American citizen and there is still, no justice for him or his family. No one is even giving his family answers.

We still do not know who thought of “Operation Fast and Furious” and who authorized it. We receive developments that leave us with more questions than answers. No one in our government seems to give a damn one of their own was murdered with a gun from this operation on American soil. It doesn’t help the Old Media is ignoring and burying this story. They know if they report it people will be asking questions and putting pressure on the Obama administration.

I talk to Brian’s family, mostly his mother. Josie is so sweet and so heart broken. I cannot imagine what she is going through. Not only did she lose her son, but the people responsible for this are getting away with it. Her son Brian did so much for this country, sacrificed himself for the safety of others and his death is just shrugged off. It’s no big deal.

We must remember him. We must demand answers. With permission from Josie I am going to post some pictures of Brian to remind people that this operation has taken lives.

[youtube q0jTJq_VfS8]

We must not stop until we receive answers and Brian receives justice. Please keep Brian and his family in your thoughts and prayers.


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