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Obama and Reid give the Iranians another early Christmas Present in opposing the Payroll Tax Bill (with the Keystone Pipeline Provision)


Somewhere within Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad must be overjoyed at the recent presents that seem to be falling from the sky.

First his nation scores what can be considered a major intelligence coup in their capture of a RQ-170 drone, then they then he gets a personal and direct request from the President of the United States for the return of the drone and now the same President in conjunction with his enabler in the United States Senate in Majority Leader Harry Reid are about to give Ahmadinejad another Christmas present in killing the House backed Payroll Tax Bill, because it contains provision that grants the go-ahead for the Keystone Oil Pipeline Project. President Obama reaffirmed his willingness to veto the measure comes on Tuesday less than 24 hours after an Iranian lawmaker threatens to use Iranian military to close the Strait of Hormuz.

Just this Monday, a member of the Iranian National Security Committee said that the Iranian Military was set to practices its ability to close the Strait of Hormuz, the most important oil shipping line in the World. The lawmaker Parviz Sarvari told the student news agency ISNA, “Soon we will hold a military maneuver on how to close the Strait of Hormuz. If the world wants to make the region insecure, we will make the world insecure.” In their threat to close the Strait of Hormuz, the Iranians have made it clear their intent to destroy any chance of a worldwide economic recovery (as 40% of the World’s oil supply passes thru the straits) in the near future and thus putting America’s National Security under further threat because of our dependency on those sources of foreign oil in the region. President Obama and his Democrat allies in Congress in their opposition to any oil exploration in the last 3 years have only emboldened the Iranians to continue on their course of reckless provocation towards the United States and our allies, especially Israel. Many of us, who are actually old enough to remember and study history remember a similar threat by the Iranians back during the Presidency of Ronald Reagan, when then Iranian Leader Ayatollah Khomeini launched what was dubbed then, “The Tankers Wars,” during the Iran-Iraq War, in which the Iranians launched dozen of silkworm anti-ship missile attacks, mined the waters of the Persian Gulf as well as conducted small boat attacks against civilian shipping. President Reagan responded to this threat by launching Operation Earnest Will, the reflagging of Kuwaiti Tankers under the protection of the United States Navy’s 5th Fleet and after the near sinking of the U.S.S. Samuel B. Roberts FFG-58 by an Iranian laid mine; President Reagan then authorized the Navy to launch Operation Praying Mantis, which greatly reduced the Iranians ability to threaten the free movement of commerce thru the Strait. It would be foolish of President Obama and his Democrat Allies not to believe that in the 23 years since Operation Praying Mantis, that the Iranians have not had time and patience to refine their tactics coupled with the coming threat of possible nuclear weapons. This threat to our worldwide security can’t be denied even as President Obama abandons Iraq to the influence of the Iranians.

President Obama and Congressional Democrats continue to show the inherent weakness that has defined the mindset of their party over the last 40 years in making our nation more dependent on sources of foreign oil, but then many have banded together at times to vote as a majority against military actions to prevent those sources from falling into the hands of those, who would use our dependency as weapon. Advances in technology has long debunked the main arguments of the extreme minority of environmentalists, who have used more than 40+ years of purely junk science and scare tactics to get their way over the jobs and national security interest. It is hard for me to accept that I live in the same nation that was the first to put a Man on the Moon and is able to send a nuclear powered S.U.V to Mars to look for life, but at the same time I am told by a small band of extremists that there is no way possible to drill for oil safely without spilling it all over the place and ruining the environment! Once again for those of us, who are old enough to remember, these same environmentalists once said that the Alaska Pipeline would complete destroy the Caribou in the State and some 40 years later the population has not been hurt at all.

It would seem that President Obama and Senator Reid are not interested in creating American Jobs as the Keystone Pipeline Project promises to create up to 20,000, but rather they would put their Election Year fortunes over any hop of a real economic recovery and the national security of our nation, while toss another bag of goodies down the chimney of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his band of crazed Mullahs.


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