Democrats Infiltrate Chicago GOP with 'Schakowsky Republicans'

Democrats Infiltrate Chicago GOP with 'Schakowsky Republicans'

What’s a Schakowsky Republican you ask?Good question…. Probably not much different than many “Chicago Republicans.”If you are any bit familiar with the Chicago machine, it is no secret that the Chicago GOP that does exist, along with the state Republican Party itself, is heavily influenced by democrats and democrat operatives.But it looks like one of their operatives got a little sloppy in this year’s 2nd Ward Republican Committeeman race. 

A citizen journalist sends us the following:

Mirlinda Vula Feierstein, Candidate for 2nd Ward Republican Committeeman sure has an interesting campaign strategy. In late January, concerned citizens of the 2nd Ward found this picture of Mirlinda posing with Democratic Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky on her campaign facebook page.

Mirlinda has since taken the Schakowsky photo down, but has engaged in some other strange campaign communications on her Facebook page. Like this statement…

Media induced Confusion, Diversion or spin? What does that even mean?And then there’s this…


The revolution has begun–and we are watching….