New Video of George Zimmerman Arrest Casts Doubt on ABC Report

New Video of George Zimmerman Arrest Casts Doubt on ABC Report

ABC News has proclaimed that video of George Zimmerman at the Sanford, FL police station on the night of Trayvon Martin’s shooting showed no signs of blood or bruises from a fight with Martin before Zimmerman shot and killed him. We called the video reckless and irresponsible and inconclusive at best.

Now, new video has emerged making ABC’s contention look even more doubtful. As with the first video, an officer can clearly be seen looking at the back of Zimmerman’s head, as though he were inspecting an injury.

In addition, in the newly released six-minute video below, it appears as though there may have been tape across George Zimmerman’s nose throughout a significant portion of the video. That would have been the case were his nose injured or broken by a punch from Martin, as has been claimed. It would make his story entirely consistent.

The two possible injuries shown in the police video could match up with Zimmerman’s entire version of events. 

At very best, the evidence is inconclusive. What is clear is that while the ABC “scoop” claimed there was no blood from Zimmerman’s injuries, there was also no blood from Martin’s fatal injuries, either.

The claim that the ABC video proves Zimmerman and/or police lied is false, and serves only to inflame public outrage in the case.


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