NY Senator Tweets Pants-less Photo

NY Senator Tweets Pants-less Photo

What is it about New York politicians that makes them desperate to show ustheir underwear? Sunday, New York State Senator Greg Ball tweeted a pants-less picof himself. Here’s the tweet and the photo:

Greg Ball has a long history of questionable behavior. Back in 2003 hisex-girlfriend, CNN producer Linda Fern Roth, requested a restraining order against Ball.She claimed at the time that Ball had “threatened to destroy her career andreputation.” A temporary order was issued but then the matter was dropped.In 2007, Ball was involved in a charity fundraiser which, according to theWashington Post, raised more money for a PAC Ball controlled than it did for charity:

The Reliable Source found that a New York political actioncommittee started by Ball — which later transferred its entire treasury tohis campaign — netted as much as $10,000 by selling tickets to the 2005Courage Cup. That’s four times the amount the polo match raised that yearfor its prominently advertised beneficiary, Work to Ride, a Philadelphiacharity that teaches poor kids to play polo.

Then there was the goat incident. During a tight race in which Ballrepeatedly suggested the Latino gang MS-13 was a threat (this is HudsonValley, NY), Ball suddenly discovered a dead goat on his property with a scrawled message:

Assemblyman Gregory Ball, who is known for promoting animalrights legislation, said he found the black-and-white goat in front of hisPatterson, New York, property on Thursday.A threatening note written in broken Spanish had been tied around the goat’sneck and was signed by Mara Salvatrucha 13, a Central American gang alsoknown as MS-13.

The goat-killer was never identified. In case you’re wondering, Greg Ball isa Republican.


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