Marion Barry Doubles Down on Asian Insult

Marion Barry Doubles Down on Asian Insult

There he goes again.

In an interview with Reason, Barry doubled down on his previous and controversial comments in which he said Asians in Washington, D.C. owned “dirty shops” and therefore “ought to go.”

When a reporter from Reason asked why he had made racial comments against Asians, Barry replied that his comments “were not racial.” 

“There is a cultural difference between a number of ethnic groups,” Barry said, mentioning Hispanics, Asians, and Whites. 

Barry continued that patterns of “socialization,” “segregation,” and “discrimination” add to the differences and “affects every aspect of our life.”

When further pressed about why he singled out Asians, Barry said he did because the “fact is 95 percent of carryouts are owned or managed by Asians.”

Barry’s stat still has not been proven, and it is the same talking point he used when he stuck his foot in his mouth when he went in search of “a good Asian” in Washington, D.C. 

And yet, Barry’s liberal friends in the establishment and the media–including President Barack Obama, who tried to see racism where it was not in the Trayvon Martin shooting–remain silent when another prominent liberal makes overtly racist statements and insinuations. 


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