The Solution to Voter Fraud: True the Vote's National Summit

The Solution to Voter Fraud: True the Vote's National Summit

True the Vote, America’s leading grassroots, nonprofit and nonpartisan anti-voter fraud effort, is holding its national summit this weekend at their Houston, Texas headquarters. The group’s founder, Catherine Engelbrecht, has lined up many of the foremost experts and activists in the field to speak and train citizens to begin participating in efforts to hold government accountable and secure our nation’s election system.

The speakers and trainers include Rep. Artur Davis, James O’Keefe, Patt Caddell, John Fund, Christian Adams, Anita Moncrief, Hans Von Spakovsky, and Tom Fitton. With nationally recognized accomplishments and expertise, the speakers and the conference are bound to deliver a punch to those groups that would undermine our nation’s election system.

The debate over Voter ID and preventing election fraud has been a hotly contested issue in recent months, and all interested parties are encouraged to attend to learn the facts about what can be done to secure our election system. Register here


The Solution to Voter Fraud: True the Vote’s National Summit

Rep. Artur Davis – Former Alabama Congressman | Fellow at Harvard Institute of Politics

James O’Keefe – President, Project Veritas

Patt Caddell – FOX News Contributor | Political Strategist

John Fund – Author of Stealing Elections | Columnist, America Spectator

Christian Adams – Author of Injustice | Publisher, Election Law Center | Former DOJ attorney

Anita MonCrief – ACORN Whistleblower | Publisher, Emerging Corruption

Hans Von Spakovsky – Senior Legal Fellow, The Heritage Foundation | Former Federal Elections Commissioner

Tom Fitton – President, Judicial Watch



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