The Movement: Occupy Unmasked — Again

The Movement: Occupy Unmasked — Again

Occupy Wall Street was at it again this week trying to make themselves relevant with protests, strikes, and occupations timed to coincide with May 1st, also known as May Day and International Workers Day. May Day was marked by the former Soviet Union with a giant military parade. It is no surprise that the radical Leftist movement would choose this day, considering they are paid for, manipulated, and encouraged by Big Labor.

Predictably, these “peaceful” protests soon descended into chaos, with violence and threats, destruction of property, and arrests.  Director Stephen K. Bannon and I are continuing the work of Andrew Breitbart through the film “Occupy Unmasked” (available now for pre-order), but the Occupiers are unmasking their true motives with their actions.

On May Day, Bannon and I were in Cleveland for a shoot when the news came in that anarchists connected to the Occupy movement had been arrested for a bomb plot against a bridge. Knowing it was just a strange coincidence, I still felt uneasy, as we were receiving threatening phone calls at our DC office telling us NOT to make our movie.

The Occupy bomb team had other targets, including the Republican National Convention in Tampa this summer. This, combined with the way The Smoking Gun went after the FBI informant, labeling him a “snitch,” was eerily reminiscent of Brandon Darby’s story.

Darby, a former Leftist turned Breitbart all-star, is featured in “Occupy Unmasked.”  Darby was part of a group calling itself the 2008 “RNC Welcoming Committee.” When Darby learned that the group planned to throw molotov cocktails at the crowds, he went to the FBI and became an informant. The “RNC Welcoming Committee” obviously was an extreme group and he knew it. Darby is a hero for revealing and stopping their bomb plots. Of course, he was vilified by the Left as a “snitch” and a “rat,” while the media focused on the idea of him betraying the liberal cause instead of shining a light on the radicals who sought to attack and harm innocent people attending the RNC.

Darby has written about the media’s “blame and frame” strategy. They’ve carried water for radical liberal protests for decades, but now alternative new media, including the Breitbart empire, are breaking through the fawning coverage to reveal the truth.

In “Occupy Unmasked,” we seek to expose the roots of what is now called Occupy Wall Street, tracing its insidious origins. Check out the film’s trailer on our website for a snapshot of what’s to come, and be sure to sign up for email updates about the documentary’s progress. Together we can continue Breitbart’s legacy, do the job the media refuses to do, and unmask the radical Left ‘s plans to fundamentally change America and eliminate what makes it great. 


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