Video: AEI/Arthur Brooks – Are Free Markets Fair?

Video: AEI/Arthur Brooks – Are Free Markets Fair?

American Enterprise Institute President Arthur Brooks is trying to take the language of fairness back from liberals, who reflexively want to paint the free enterprise system as unfair. His newly-released bookThe Road To Freedom, urges free market advocates to fight for the free enterprise system by making the moral case for it. 

To better help people make this argument, which is essential in ensuring the country does not go down the path of Europe, AEI will be providing Breitbart News with exclusive videos, which will feature Brooks debunking liberal stereotypes about the free markets. 

In this video, titled, “Are Free Markets Fair?”, Brooks says, “Fairness is created in an opportunity society and rewarding people for hard work and merit,” which 70 percent of American people believe.

“Spreading the wealth around isn’t fair,” Brooks says. “Earning your success is, getting ahead on the basis of your merit is fair, having opportunity is fair, and only free enterprise gives us those things.” 


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