Former Harvard Admin Throws Warren Under the Bus

Former Harvard Admin Throws Warren Under the Bus

Elizabeth Warren can no longer count the Harvard University administrator who listed her as “Native American” among her advocates in the unfolding scandal of her professed minority heritage.

In the reaction to the Boston Globe‘s controversial article on Harvard’s EEOC reports which listed Elizabeth Warren as a Native American, one particular revelation has gone largely unnoticed. Alan Ray, the former administrator who filed diversity reports during Warren’s tenure, distances the university from any responsibility for erroneously listing her as a Native American.

[Ray] said through a spokeswoman that he “never encouraged any faculty member to list himself or herself in a particular way.” Ray added that Harvard “always accepted whatever identification a faculty member wanted to provide,” a characterization another highly placed former Harvard administrator backed up.

In previous reports by Breitbart News, there has been no definitive evidence–no silver bullet–that Warren is the one who volunteered the idea she was a minority. The evidence discovered by authors John Sexton and Michael Patrick Leahy suggest it is very likely, but the possibility has not yet been established as fact. However, with this statement, Mr. Ray has denied the only other likely explanation for EEOC reports listing Warren as a Native American.

Either Warren suggested to Harvard, as she presumably did in her Pow Wow Chow byline, that she was a Cherokee, or Harvard, either from her appearance or from some historical evidence, deemed her Cherokee. However, as has been explored in excruciating detail, there is no genealogical evidence for Warren’s assumed heritage, and her blonde-haired, blue-eyed appearance does nothing to suggest any kind of minority background.

Mr. Ray has now come forward and clarified the university’s role in this controversy, insinuating he merely went along with information volunteered to him by Professor Warren. Ms. Warren, however, refuses comment, even though the allegations in this story include falsifying federal diversity compliance reports.

If there is some other explanation besides Warren herself claiming Native American heritage for Harvard’s EEOC compliance, she needs to offer that information to the public. Otherwise, her silence can and will be perceived as a tacit admission that no other explanation exists.


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