'Best Gay Bar' Bans Bachelorette Parties

'Best Gay Bar' Bans Bachelorette Parties

The “Best Gay Bar in the World” according to Time Magazine, has decided to ban bachelorette parties. Its owner and founder David Cooley, who is gay, was in pain from seeing young women celebrating their upcoming marriages. Cooley, who owns The Abbey in West Hollywood, a bar often frequented by Elizabeth Taylor, said seeing the bachelorettes was “kind of a slap in my face that I couldn’t have that same experience … so I thought that I would put a ban on bachelorette parties until every person will have the right to have a marriage and be able to marry their loved one.”

Banning the parties, Cooley stated, was “a sign of solidarity until marriage is legal everywhere for everyone,” because he feels the parties celebrate an “offensive heterosexual tradition [that] flaunts marriage inequality in the face of gays and lesbians.”

The Abbey is following the lead of gay bars in Chicago; in March of 2009, the Chicago Tribune reported that gay bars had already started banning bachelorette parties two years before. Speaking of the gay bar Cocktail, the Tribune noted that the owner “stopped hosting bachelorette parties a couple of years ago when he noticed his gay patrons weren’t just complaining about the women being minor irritants but about them “flaunting” their right to marry. So Zaharakis hung a sign on the front door of his establishment that says, “Bachelorette Parties Are Not Allowed.”

The women didn’t exactly behave like innocent young brides-to-be, according to the Tribune:

“The bride-to-be is often easily identifiable. She’s the one wearing either a veil or tiara or feather boa or phallic-shaped blow-up hat, and is surrounded by women who begin the night somewhat reserved but metamorphose into pelvis-thrusting vamps as their blood-alcohol levels rise. The women come to celebrate without having to worry about straight men pawing them. The gay men are there because, well, they don’t want to be around a lot of women.”

So we have gays who can’t tolerate seeing women celebrate heterosexual marriage, and young women acting like sex-starved maniacs just before they enter a union that’s supposed to be holy. And people wonder why America’s children are confused?


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