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Philadelphia Election Official Alleges Major Fraud in May Primaries

Philadelphia Election Official Alleges Major Fraud in May Primaries

According to Republican city commissioner Al Schmidt, Philadelphia’s May primary was plagued by major election fraud problems. “People voting twice, voting by non-citizens who are not eligible to vote, to people voting who are not registered to vote, to people voting in parties other than their own,” said Schmidt. He said that such issues amounted to between 200 and 1,000 incidents across the city, but also said that election records were so poor that there was no way to narrow it down. Naturally, Democratic city commissioner Stephanie Singer dismissed the report as “put together in a hurry.”

Philadelphia was the cite of the New Black Panther voter intimidation incidents in 2008.

Democrats, of course, have a major stake in downplaying allegations of election fraud – those allegations drive legislation like voter ID, which Democrats contend is racist, even though the legislation is clearly designed to curb bad practices. Democrats are always happy to prevent measures designed to curb voter fraud, since most fraudulent votes are Democratic.


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