'Occupy Unmasked' Panel Fires Up RedState Gathering

'Occupy Unmasked' Panel Fires Up RedState Gathering

“Is it safe to say I’m the only one in this room who voted for Barack Obama in 2008?”  With those disarming words, Breitbart News Contributor Lee Stranahan began a special presentation to the grassroots conservative crowd at the Red State Gathering in Jacksonville, Florida.  

Stranahan and fellow Breitbart writer Brandon Darby held court for nearly an hour to a packed conference room in the Jacksonville Omni regaling the conservative crowd with stories of their radical leftist past and their recent conversion. Along the way, the two told intimate stories about their friendship with Andrew Breitbart and their involvement in the new Citizens’ United film “Occupy Unmasked,” directed by Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon.  

“It’s impossible to make a G-rated film about Occupy,” Stranahan warned the conservative crowd before showing the dramatic trailer for the film that debuted at the RightOnline this past June. After a rousing round of applause, Stranahan and Darby led a lively Q & A session with subjects ranging from left-wing tactics and union support in the Occupy movement to personal stories about their time with Breitbart. The audience of bloggers, politicians, and activists were captivated by what they saw in the “Occupy Unmasked” trailer and peppered the two with penetrating questions about their time amongst the ranks of the radical left and their observations of what the country is up against with the dangerous Occupy movement.  

After the panel presentation, the crowd in the hotel lobby was buzzing about the film and Darby and Stranahan’s unique and engaging discussion. As they munched on Chick-fil-A sandwiches and the members of the conservative grassroots discussed how eager they were to see the documentary in their home town and asked Darby and Stranahan how they can help with the upcoming distribution effort.  

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