Gov. Bobby Jindal Makes The Obama/Occupy Wall Street Connection

Gov. Bobby Jindal Makes The Obama/Occupy Wall Street Connection

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal delivered a blistering attack on President Obama, saying that he believed the President showed the same thinking as the Occupy Wall Street movement. Jindal delivered the remarks to a receptive crowd at RedState Gathering 2012 in Jacksonville, Florida on Saturday. 

In a statement to Breitbart News, Gov. Jindal echoed his remarks in the speech, saying: 

I think this election is about two different views of America’s future and the President’s view–where he talks about class warfare and dividing us–to me, sounds a lot like Occupy Wall Street, where people believe they are entitled to each other’s property. I think the American Dream is different from that. I think in America, you’re not entitled to equal outcomes. You are entitled to equal opportunity. And that is what I think this election is really about, to preserve that American Dream for our children, and the way to do that is not through more government spending, more taxes, more borrowing. Instead, it’s about going back to a limited federal government that lives within its means.

Here’s audio of Jindal’s statement.


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