Paul Ryan: A Great Choice for America's Women

Paul Ryan: A Great Choice for America's Women

Mitt Romney’s choice of House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan is a great choice for women in America.Ryan, who oversees the nation’s budget, is all too aware of the fact that, under President Obama, the nation is spending more than its resources. The Obama administration’s plan? Get rich people to cough up more of their earnings.

How different from the thought processes of most American women who run their households and their small businesses. During this economic recession, America’s mothers and small business owners have been cutting spending and their budgets, looking for ways to save money. This is exactly the thinking of Paul Ryan.

Under President Obama, women have fared poorly, with 780,000 more women unemployed than when he took office. Not to mention those women who have had to reduce their hours to part-time. With inflated food and gas prices added into the mix, American women need a leader who understands how the economy works and has real, down-to-earth solutions to fix the problems. What’s President Obama’s answer to the economic problems of America’s women? More food stamps.

The Sandra Flukes of this country have begun a campaign to condemn Paul Ryan. They are bringing out all the “War on Women” phantom artillery. But they will lose, mostly because they seem so ludicrous doing so. You see, American women are smart. And they have their homes, their families, and their businesses on their minds. Not contraception.

With Mitt Romney’s choice of Paul Ryan for Vice-President, America’s women can realistically have hope for the future for themselves and their families.


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