Book: Public Sector Unions Planning to Forcibly Enroll Non-Government Employees

Book: Public Sector Unions Planning to Forcibly Enroll Non-Government Employees

The most terrifying aspect of the unions’ plan to take over America is this: they have a plan whereby they will be able to force huge swaths of America to be unionized. Their cunning scheme is revealed in Shadowbosses: Government Unions Control America and Rob Taxpayers Blind, the new blockbuster best-seller.

In Shadowbosses, author Mallory Factor explains that government employee unions are losing members as many state and local governments cut their employment rolls to balance their budgets. As retiring and laid-off government workers are not replaced, unions lose massive amounts of dues collected. For example, the NEA has lost 179,696 dues-paying active members, a 6.2% decline in membership and dues income, and greater declines are projected for the future. Thus the government employee unions have to look to new groups to grow their numbers.

Here’s how they plan to do it: they are using state governments to set up shell corporations that will turn self-employed workers receiving money from government programs into “government employees” who can be unionized.  Already there are ten states that have set up shell corporations or other structures to forcibly unionize independent care providers, who are often people taking care of their disabled children or people taking care of their elderly parents who receive benefits from federal-state programs for their care .

The steps involved in the forced unionization are simple:

  1. The providers have clients who pay for their services using government funds as “government employees.”
  2. Because the providers are self-employed people who work for disabled people, but are partially or fully paid for with government programs that pay for the care of the disabled, either the state itself becomes the “employer of record” or the state creates a fictional council or government shell entity to serve as the “employer” of these self-employed providers. This may be done by a governor’s executive order or by act of a state legislature. Some of these shell entities are:  the Michigan Quality Community Care Council (MQC3), the Michigan Home Based Child Care Council (MHBC3), and Missouri Quality Home Care Council.
  3. Once the independent providers are “government employees”, they can be unionized, and forced to pay union dues, whether or not they join the union–in forced dues states.

A lawyer for the unions even admitted in court that this is a “slippery slope” and states could unionize “any group that accepted state subsidies” if the state considered it in its interest to unionize them.

Forced dues for these workers could be as much as $95 a month (the rate in Washington State), which can often reduce the amount of government subsidy available to the families of the disabled.

Up until now, these providers could not be targeted for unionization; they didn’t work for a common employer and weren’t government employees, so they couldn’t be unionized under current law.

SEIU started this, and now AFSCME and UAW are also very involved. Incoming President of AFSCME Lee Saunders said that organizing more childcare workers is one of his top priorities, saying:

We will think outside the box when it comes to organizing non-traditional workers, as we have done with home care and child care providers. We will continue to identify new organizing opportunities, such as AFSCME’s nationwide campaign to organize emergency services workers.

And the unions have their allies in the state governments: Governor Blagojevich of Illinois implemented a scheme to unionize 20,000 providers in Illinois and certify the SEIU as their union without even requiring that the providers vote on unionization.

So how will the unions go after the rest of us?

  1. Anyone who receives funds from the government in relation to their work will be targeted.
  2. Any group that receives government subsidies related to their prior work can be targeted. Examples of this are Social Security or Medicare recipients, veterans, and health care workers, who receive compensation under Obamacare, Medicaid and other government programs.
  3. Any group that receives government subsidies at all: EBT/Food stamps recipients, Medicaid recipients and programs for parents with dependent children.

And here’s where the rubber truly meets the road: self-employed people whose businesses are regulated by the state could be treated as “government employees” and be unionized. That extends the unions’ control to virtually everyone. Anyone who requires a license to conduct his or her work or is regulated by our government – which includes almost anyone in our society – could be the next victim.

Shadowbosses  is a horror story that is far more frightening than anything Stephen King ever wrote. And it’s all true. 


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