Hurricane Isaac Set to Deliver Message from Al Gore at Convention

Hurricane Isaac Set to Deliver Message from Al Gore at Convention

It’s coming. It’s inevitable. It’s going to hit approximately the same time the Republicans start their convention this week. Not Hurricane Isaac, but rather the environmentalists’ claim that the GOP has it coming.

Democrats are actually more predicable than storm paths. Whereas cold weather and a seven-year absence of  hurricanes mean absolutely nothing, one category-two storm headed in the vicinity of Tampa is concrete proof that carbon should be outlawed.

It won’t be long before the echo chamber of the Left starts talking about how fitting it is that a convention hall full of “Deniers” are forced to witness Nature’s anger and rage up close. This isn’t actually Anthropogenic Global Warming , it’s Anthropomorphic Global Warming. That’s what happens when the climate takes on human characteristics. In this case, Hurricane Isaac has taken on the character of Clint Eastwood, and is out looking for revenge. Time to settle a score with all the rich white men who refuse to drive hybrids. No this isn’t just an ordinary tropical storm – like others that seem to hit Florida every August – this is Occupy Planet.

Lets hope they don’t go too far overboard, since there is one computer model that puts the storm directly over Charlotte in time for the Democrat convention next week as well.

I think that  one could be called an “Ironic Breeze.”


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