GM Shuts Down Chevy Volt Production Again

GM Shuts Down Chevy Volt Production Again

This is getting ridiculous.

General Motors (GM) is halting, for a month, the manufacture of its well-known but seldom-sold Chevrolet Volt extended-range electric car, according to trade publication Automotive News.

Certainly this is but the first time this has happened.

It would be the second interruption in production for the Volt (since its December 2010 introduction)…

Does GM think that these absences will make consumers’ hearts grow fonder?  It obviously didn’t the first time.

Maybe GM isn’t getting the word out?

GM has spent millions advertising it

Well that hasn’t worked. 

Banned: Ads for European Chevy Volt Pulled for Misleading Viewers

Well at least GM isn’t doing that sort of thing here.

General Motors Deceptive Advertising Challenged by Watchdog Group in FTC Filing

Oh.  What else has GM done to generate interest?

There was the Chevy Volt song…and dance.

Really – that didn’t do it?  Hmmm….  What else?

GM just spent $10.4 million to build a Chevy Volt-ville – a (President Barack) Obama Candy Land Potemkin village. 

Why then is the Volt struggling so?

Perhaps because it only gets 35 miles to a 12-hour charge, and costs twice as much as a similar-sized regular gasoline mobile.

Wow, that sounds inconvenient and expensive.

Chevy Volts cost $41,000 to make, and sell for $41,000.  It is a non-profit vehicle….

And unprofitable. 

We the Taxpayers pay $7,500 per Volt sold in bribe money – I mean incentive….

As of November of last year, the total Volt subsidy Taxpayer cost was $250,000 per Volt sold.

That hefty Taxpayer per-car tab STILL isn’t doing it?  What else is going on?

Another contributing factor to the Volt’s non-sales: Obama and GM admit to only one Volt fire – dangerously rabbit-holing at least five fires and a whole host of attending Volt charging problems that have not yet been adequately explained.

Powering Inferno.  How does GM normally handle cars with such terrible sales numbers?

Chevrolet Discontinues Avalanche Truck Despite Better Sales Than Volt

Why then is the Volt getting all these reprieves?  And why is this happening?

GM is bulling forward with a Buick Crossover hybrid, two Buick hybrid sedans, a Yukon, a Chevy Malibu Eco, a Chevy Tahoe, two Chevy pick-up trucks, and a Cadillac Escalade

And why is this happening?

GM in 2010 launched a $100 million venture capital division (it’s ObamaMotors – not Mitt Romney’s Bain – so I guess it’s ok).  Which is investing in fabulously successful things like…solar panel companies.

In fact, no company on Planet Earth – pardon me, Mother Gaia – registered in 2010 more (non-)green (non-)energy patents than GM.


Because GM is no longer a for-profit car company – it is a Leftist ideological entity.

Interesting management choices all.  How’s it going elsewhere?

What A Mess! GM CEO Claims They Didn’t Know What 200,000 Employees Were Doing

How else is he doing?

Dan Akerson is Trying to Defend GM with “Progress” But What Progress?

Good question.  If there’s “progress,” why then is:

General Motors Negotiating Twofold Credit Line Increase

Better question – given that

We the Taxpayers are poised to lose over $42 billion on the $82 billion auto bailout.  President Obama in late 2009 said we would make money on it.


We the Taxpayers are still stuck with 500+ million shares of GM stock.  For us to break even, they must be sold at $54 per. They debuted post-bankruptcy at $33 per share and are now around $20 per share.  This sets us up for a nearly $17 billion loss – just on the stock.

What a fabulous “success” all of this is. 

Big Management Shake-Up on the Horizon at GM

Again, it can’t get here soon enough – and should start at the very top.


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