Poll: Nightly News Skewing Voters' Views of GOP Convention

Poll: Nightly News Skewing Voters' Views of GOP Convention

Since the start of the GOP convention on Tuesday, the legacy media have used every trick in their playbook to distort coverage of the Republican gathering. Sensing correctly that the GOP ticket is gathering momentum ahead of the final sprint to November, the media are explicitly trying to distort the Republican message going out to voters. A new poll by Wilson Research shows that the media’s political campaign against the GOP is having an impact. 

The poll of likely voters in 10 swing states was conducted Tuesday and Wednesday. Among voters watching the Republican National Convention itself, 67% of voters had a more favorable impression. However, among voters who are only watching the nightly news coverage of the RNC, 72% had a less favorable impression. It should be noted that the poll was conducted before Paul Ryan’s acceptance speech last night, so these results should be considered preliminary. That said, the difference between those who watched the convention and those who simply watched the news of the convention is striking. 

One caveat: those who are only watching the news coverage will tend to be more Democrat, or independent-leaning-Democrat, than the overall polling sample. That said, a 72% less favorable impression is far beyond this modest skew. 

Close observers of the media have seen their devolution into an active partisan interest group. They are not in Tampa to report the events of the convention. They are in Tampa to frame the GOP message for the general public and find disparate items that can be twisted together to paint an explicitly negative impression. Unfortunately, we now have some numbers to show their attempt is working.

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