Code Pink Co-Founder: 'I Cried' When Breitbart Died

Code Pink Co-Founder: 'I Cried' When Breitbart Died

Code Pink cofounders and staunch Occupy supporters Jodie Evans and Medea Benjamin were on hand Thursday to view the Occupy Unmasked screening at the Republican National Convention. Following the screening of the film, both Evans and Benjamin agreed to interviews with Breitbart News.

Jodie Evans made a point to explain her willingness to be interviewed by Breitbart News, something she would normally refuse. She cited things Andrew Breitbart used to do, like lay down in front of her house so people could not get to her driveway. This had been Andrew’s way of mocking a tactic that Evans’s Code Pink commonly uses against political targets of their own, employed to shut down corporate shareholder meetings.

Despite being one of Andrew’s political foes, Evans became emotional and began to tear up, saying, “I cried when he died.”

Evans, who was a neighbor of Andrew’s, continued, “His wife and kids live down the street from me, and I don’t think it’s right that that should happen to any woman and her kids, and his wife loved him so much. And just on the level of a human being, I was very sad.”


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