Fun at the Democrat Convention? The Designated Drivers' Drinking Game

Fun at the Democrat Convention? The Designated Drivers' Drinking Game

Where you take a shot of booze every time a Democrat mentions the economy or ObamaCare.

It’s certainly safe for those conscripted to the car keys.

Given that the Barack Obama Administration has conscripted us to 43 months of 8 % unemployment (and counting), and a real unemployment rate that is far, far worse, and a record 46.7 million Americans are on food stamps – you’ll go thirsty waiting for the Democrats to mention the economy. 

Given the skyrocketing, budget-busting costs and steadfast unpopularity of ObamaCare – you’ll remain parched awaiting a Convention reference.

Designated drivers can also rest easy that they won’t – amongst many other sobering things – hear about:

And on, and on, and….

The Democrats will mention the uber-failure “success” of the $80 billion auto bailout – but will not mention that We the Taxpayers are poised to lose more than $40 billion on the disaster. Or that President Obama once promised us we’d make money on it.  Or that their eco-marvel the Chevy Volt is shutting down production due to lack of sales for the third time this year.

The Democrats will give a lot of credit to President Obama for the death of Osama bin Laden – what little there is left that the President hasn’t already taken for himself.  You and I know the truth is a little different.

The Democrats will talk a lot about We the Taxpayers funding abortions – but very little about then-state Senator Obama voting three times against keeping babies alive after they survive abortions.

The Alice in Wonderland-FantasyLand Convention is about to gavel into (dis)order.  Where President Obama and his Democrat cohorts will spend the next three days asking you who you believe – them, or your lying eyes.

You spent the last three-plus years watching the Administration and his Democrats jam through terrible policy after terrible policy – with predictable, terrible results. 

This week you’ll watch them try to tell you that all the pain, the loss and the suffering they have inflicted on We the People – was one bright, shining success.  And that President Obama deserves four more years to keep doing all of this to us – with greater “flexibility,” fully untethered from the moorings of the Constitution and public opinion.

This week you’ll hear the titanic silence of what they won’t tell us: All they ways they’ve dramatically increased the size of government and our national debt ( $5 trillion and counting).  And the countless new regulations they have planted, grown and cultivated – ever more creeping tentacles of the federal Kudzu Leviathan.

We are about to see a massive fabricated show – played out before an ever-diminishing audience.  We the People won’t be fooled.  Our eyes don’t lie, and won’t this week. 

Those false optics will be left to the Donkeys in Charlotte.