DNC Theme: If Barack Loses, It's Our Fault

DNC Theme: If Barack Loses, It's Our Fault

Like many conservatives, I watched the faces of those attending the Democratic National Convention, wondering how there are this many people in America who still don’t know the truth about Barack Obama.

If they had seen the film 2016: Obama’s America, surely they would be more aware that Barack Obama grew up in an environment in which America was viewed as an evil, conquering, self-centered nation. And, surely, if they heard or read anything other than from the liberal media throughout the past four years, they would know that Barack Obama believed he would be the only person who could save America from its capitalist fate by bringing it to its knees.

Given that there are yet unthinking Americans who are swayed by the evangelical cadence of a man who is still not really more than a “community organizer,” little wonder that the now desperate rulers of the Democrat Party hope to win with the message that if Barack Obama loses, it’s our fault.

The Democrats are big on victimization. In their very narrow world view, everyone is a potential victim. That’s why emotionally-charged identity politics and class warfare are important to their survival as what is now a far-left party. Victimization is what keeps big government going. So, it is very fitting that their response as to how to defend Barack Obama, who has no competent record to stand on, is to play him as a victim, and play us as his predators.

Repeatedly, we heard throughout the speeches at the convention that Barack has tried hard, Barack never even thinks about himself, Barack is a man of amazingly high and lofty principles, and Barack never concerns himself with what is merely politically expedient. Why Barack even personally calls lowly law school activist, Gloria Steinem wanna-be’s to tell them not to worry–he’ll pay for their birth control.

At the DNC, we heard nothing about Barack’s broken promises, not even about his promise not to seek another term if the economy didn’t turn around during his first go-round. But, what we did hear about was our failings, the reason why Barack has been down and out lately. We are not patient enough, we are not persevering enough, we are not sacrificing enough, and we are not doing our fair share. We need to stop complaining and whining about how hard things are; it’s going to take more time, we heard. In fact, according to Bill Clinton, no other American president who has ever lived has had it as hard as Barack Obama. It is apparently because of our independent American-ness, our desire to make things better quickly, that Barack is having such a hard time fundamentally changing us.

The Democrats tell us that if we were a more patient, kind, nurturing, and caring people, we would give Barack Obama what he needs–more time. The problem is, if he gets four more years, we won’t recognize the America we have known, because “Obama’s America” will be the “new normal.”


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