Mass. Dem State Rep Endorses Scott Brown

Mass. Dem State Rep Endorses Scott Brown

On Friday, Democratic Massachusetts State Representative Chris Fallon endorsed incumbent Republican Senator Scott Brown:

Malden State Rep. Chris Fallon became the first sitting Democrat to endorse Republican Sen. Scott Brown Friday, calling the endorsement of his “long time” friend an “easy decision” during a Friday morning press conference.

“I like to think the people of Malden have elected me 16 years…(because they) want me, expect me…(to) support a person politically or otherwise, not because of party politics but because of the genuineness, the sincerity and decency of that person,” he said.

“I think I have done that consistently over the last 16 years for the city of Malden, and I know I am doing the right thing today.”

“We know where your heart is, and your heart is with the people of Massachusetts – particularly, the people of Malden,” Fallon told the senator. . .

Brown took the opportunity to tout his bi-partisan credentials, calling the endorsement a “recognition that out of anybody in this race and really anyone in the United States Senate right now, I’m the second-most bi-partisan Senator.”

“To have (Fallon) support me like this in a public fashion like this is really a testament to his independence,” Brown said.

Fallon’s endorsement came mere hours after Democratic State Senator Katherine Clark recanted her MSNBC support of Elizabeth Warren’s Native American ancestry claims.



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