U.S. Caves On Free Speech: Military Called To Squash Film

U.S. Caves On Free Speech: Military Called To Squash Film

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff today called Terry Jones to tell the pastor to stop promoting the film “Innocence of Muslims” that may or may not exist (there are but two clips on Youtube, screenshot above) and may or may not have been produced by a group of Coptic Christians living in the United States. No one has any idea really, but they are sure of this: a movie that may or may not exist done by some people who can’t completely be identified has sparked people who already attacked our Libyan consulate to do it again. The Obama administration has called General Martin Dempsey to put a stop to Terry Jones in an effort to quell the Islamist violence. Why Jones? Because he’s apparently promoting the film, but not as much as the Islamists talking about it. 

The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff called a Florida pastor today, asking him to withdraw his support of an anti-Islam online film that may have triggered riots in Egypt and Libya.

A statement from Marine Col. David Lapan:

What film caused Islamists to bomb our consulate back in June

No one would have any idea who Terry Jones was without the free Islamist marketing. Considering how officials are investigating as to whether the attack on our Libyan consulate was coordinated well in advance, it sounds less like Islamists are upset over an alleged film and more like they’re using this as an excuse to attack us on the anniversary of September 11th. 

What’s even more ludicrous is that the Dempsey contacted Jones, a variable in this equation, to tell him to stop exercising his First Amendment so as to placate Islamists. Dempsey says that the film will cause violence, not the Islamists who have been murdering people in such riots without the excuse of a film, but the film. Our government would rather persecute Americans over their First Amendment than hold violent Islamists accountable for their own actions. 

Just when you thought that the Obama administration couldn’t bungle up the debacle any more after apologizing, they send a member of the military to tell private citizens to disregard the rule of law, free speech, in our country in favor of the sharia favored by the ruling party in Egypt. Make no mistake, that’s exactly what this is: and now Morsi wants to engage in lawfare to further squelch free speech concerning Islam, a tenet of sharia. 

It’s disturbing that our government has shown they will go right along with it. 


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