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The Obamas: Take an Organizer Into Your Home

The Obamas: Take an Organizer Into Your Home

Hey, Washington D.C. residents, isn’t your dream to have some dude from California smoking a joint with his boyfriend or some girl with sawed-off hair wearing a shirt that reads “I gave at the office – and everywhere else ’cause I’m Pro-choice” live at your house with your kids?

Now the Obama campaign is giving you that dream of a lifetime.  Obama is asking you to house out-of-state volunteers for the last weeks of the campaign so they can go door-to-door for the Anointed One. Obama was subtle; he asked D.C. residents if they’d “got a spare couch or a bed”  for an army of volunteers. Lisa Clavel, the Obama campaign’s Virginia State Director, babbled:

Some great folks we know are looking for a friendly place to stay. A group of the most dedicated organizers and volunteers will be coming to Northern Virginia for the remaining weeks of the campaign. They heard we’re looking to run a fierce ground game for President Obama this fall — and they want to be a part of it. But here’s the thing: They need somewhere to stay. And I’m hoping you can lend them a hand with that.

Clavel reassured the locals that their houseguests would be low-maintenance because they’ll use public transportation and work during the day.

But wait, in addition to the joy you get watching your furry houseguests slobber over your furniture, there’s an added bonus! According to Clavel: “I bet they’ll come back at night with some amazing stories about the people they’ve reached and the energy they’re sparking — stories that you otherwise might not get to hear.”

And Michelle is appealing to her furry friends, to travel to far away places, too, summoning them forth:

[I]f things look good where you are, things are feeling just so great for Barack Obama where you’re living, then pack a bag. And spend some time in a battleground state like Iowa. That’s where we need you to talk to those undecided voters.

It’s just like the Obamas to ask others to sacrifice on their behalf, whether it’s housing absolute strangers or asking volunteers to spend their cash traveling across the country to work for them.

The Obamas: No class at all.




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