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F&F: IG Report Brings Holder's Competency into Question

F&F: IG Report Brings Holder's Competency into Question

The Inspector General’s Report on Operation Fast & Furious states that Attorney General Eric Holder was unaware of the operation until January/February 2011. However, there are several examples in the report proving he is an incompetent attorney general and lacks the leadership skills needed to be head of the Department of Justice. 

The most troubling evidence would be his response to Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry’s murder. Agent Terry was murdered December 14, 2010 in Arizona. Guns found at the murder scene were linked to Fast & Furious. When Holder found out about the murder he requested more information as it became available. Mr. Holder stated he did not remember receiving anymore information, but his former deputy chief of staff Monty Wilkinson forwarded three emails from Arizona’s US Attorney’s Office that provided more information about Agent Terry’s death. Did Mr. Holder not read his emails? Did he lie when he said he didn’t receive more information?

Holder also stated “that he would not have expected to be informed about the link between the weapons found at Terry’s murder scene and Operation Fast and Furious absent some knowledge that ‘inappropriate tactics’ were used in the investigation.” A competent attorney general would want and need to know about any kind of gun walking scheme, especially if a few of the guns were used to murder a federal agent on American soil. Kevin Ohlson, Mr. Holder’s Chief of Staff at the time, couldn’t remember if he received more information, but if he did Mr. Holder should have been informed.

Which is it? If his own chief of staff thought it warranted Mr. Holder’s attention then shouldn’t Mr. Holder feel the same way? After all it is well known that his staff reviews his briefings and memos and highlights the topics he should read about.


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