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Priorities: Obama Weighs In On NFL Strike

Priorities: Obama Weighs In On NFL Strike

According to the White House, when a tweet from President Obama’s confirmed account is initialed with the president’s  initials, it’s his own personal tweet.

And so, in the wake of last night’s NFL debacle, we get this…


But it’s all part of the No Drama Obama campaign plan — don’t you see?

Even though the Middle East is on fire and a fiscal cliff looms and the job picture is worsening and the economy is slowing and middle class incomes are shrinking….

No Drama Obama has it all under control.

After all, if Obama isn’t sweating it, why should we, right? If Obama thinks everything is okay, then his Media Palace Guards think everything is okay, which means there’s no real need to replace a sitting president when everything is okay. Okay?




What are you so excited about?

It’s all good.

When there’s a crisis not to waste, don’t worry, we’ll let you know.


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