Obama Campaign Lashes Out With 'Big Bird' Attack

Obama Campaign Lashes Out With 'Big Bird' Attack

It’s as though Barack Obama didn’t diminish himself enough during his debate with Mitt Romney and decided diminishing himself was actually a good tactic. And so, in the immediate aftermath of the debate debacle, instead of showing some dignity as other presidents before him have after a loss, Team Obama started a nanny-nanny-boo-boo name-calling campaign. In ads and in interviews and presidential speeches, Romney’s been called everything from a “liar,” to a  “flip-flopper.”

Obama isn’t just a sore loser, he’s a petulant, dishonest, crybaby, narcissist loser.

Believe it or not, things just got worse. As if to prove Barack Obama is completely out of ideas, all the campaign has left is this petty, goofy, nonsensical stupidity:

It just doesn’t get any smaller than this. Someone needs to remind Obama that this is an important election about big issues. People are suffering and our economy is in the dumpster. The Middle East is exploding, four Americans were just killed in a terror attack, poverty’s increasing, gas prices are killing the poor, and the deficit keeps getting worse….

But today Obama’s all about The Big Bird.

Someone needs to tell Obama that with trillion dollar deficits as far out as the eye can see, if he can’t cut a subsidy from a profitable venture like PBS, we know he won’t cut anything.

Think how much better things would be today if Obama had been as concerned about the security of our consulate in Benghazi as he is with the security of … Big Bird.


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