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Lights Out: Romney By 2 In North Carolina D+10 Poll

Lights Out: Romney By 2 In North Carolina D+10 Poll

The liberal Public Policy Polling (PPP) group conducted a D+10 poll in North Carolina and still found Mitt Romney with a 2-point lead over President Barack Obama (49%-47%). 

In the poll, Romney leads Obama by 30 points among white voters (64%-33%) and by 14 points among independents (54%-40%). 

“A 30 point win among white voters is basically the cut line for whether Romney can take the state back,” PPP’s Tom Jensen said. “The large registration advantage Democrats have in North Carolina means that for Romney to take the state he not only needs to win independents, but needs to win them by a double digit margin. He’s meeting the mark on that front now as well.”

PPP surveyed 1,084 likely North Carolina voters from October 12 to 14th, and the margin of error was +/- 3.0%. 

In 2008, Obama barely won North Carolina by .04 points when he had a D+11 turnout advantage. Obama will not have that same advantage in 2012 because there is considerably less enthusiasm for his candidacy. 


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