Obama Campaign Silent on Beating of Wisconsin Senator's Son

Obama Campaign Silent on Beating of Wisconsin Senator's Son

The Obama campaign, which is no stranger to issuing statements on national stories of violent tragedy, has remained silent on a politically-charged assault in Wisconsin.

Yesterday Breitbart News spoke with Gillian Morris, the press secretary for President Obama’s campaign to request a statement regarding the brutal attack State Senator Neal Kedzie’s son. Ms. Morris responded by email in the afternoon with statement from the Wisconsin Democratic Party condemning the attack. However, after following up with Ms. Morris via email regarding whether or not the Obama campaign itself had a reaction to the attack, the request has gone unanswered.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel balanced out the attack against Senator Kedzie’s son with a report of an Obama sign being burned in another Wisconsin resident’s yard, to which Ben Sparks, spokesman for the Romney campaign in Wisconsin, said, “We don’t condone behavior like that. It has no connection with the campaign.”

Here is a photo of Sean Kedzie five days after he was beaten up: