Exodus: Inner City Blacks Fleeing Barack Obama and the Democrat-Liberal Agenda

Exodus: Inner City Blacks Fleeing Barack Obama and the Democrat-Liberal Agenda

After his meteoric ascent to the top of the American political arena in the country’s history, we are now in the midst of witnessing one of the most stunning collapses of any man ever to hold the office of President of the United States. 

Over the past few weeks we have begun to see the ultimate unraveling of support for the president, with women and youth fleeing from his side. But what is even more surprising and perhaps unimaginable to the president and his faithful media cult is that he is now also losing members of his normally deemed “untouchable” base of support–poor, inner-city black Americans.

There is little doubt, due the historic and tremendous pressure on black Americans to support the first African-American President of the United States simply because he is not a white Republican, the President will win the black vote. However, just as his strength and reputation are growing weaker every day, the same is quickly becoming true of the support from the community he claims to be the strongest advocate for–the community-organized voting bloc on Chicago’s south and west sides that many say he has long since abandoned.

In the course of an ongoing investigation into the root causes of the rising tide of violence and horrifying murder rate this year in Chicago’s most destitute neighborhoods, several video interviews I conducted with black American voters from the community-organized south and west side, reveal a community that is fed up with the status quo–the status quo that keeps these communities ridden with poverty, homelessness, unemployment, dismantled families, and, of course, skyrocketing murder rates. And residents say, “it is the black Democratic leadership implementing a liberal agenda” that is to blame for the ongoing plight in their community.

Community activist Mark Carter says, “our issues have not been met on, have not been adhered to, and it’s almost as if they are just saying even though no one has addressed your issues, just go with ’em anyway. And we say no.”

A resident of the Austin community, Jean Ray, says after 40 years of Democratic party control over the black community, the policies “are hurting,” and if there were Republicans willing to do the right job in her community, she would vote for them.

Paul McKinley, an outspoken Chicago resident and voice against liberal-Chicago-machine politics, Rahm Emanuel, and President Obama, spoke to me directly about the ongoing violence in the black community, explaining, “the real cause of violence in the community is caused by narco-terrorism facilitated by Chicago’s liberal-sanctuary-city status, in addition to the historically high unemployment rate among black men between of working age,” which he claims is never addressed by the President and comes last, if at all, in the liberal agenda.

McKinley points to a Univiersity of Wisconsin Milwaukee “Race and Male Employment in the Wake of the Great Recession” study, which found that for the 40-year time span between 1970 and 2010 the employment rate of black males between 16-64 years old has fallen by 28% to 55% in the country’s 25 largest metropolitan areas. Over these 40 years, he claims his community, the “poor-black community,” has been controlled and devastated by black Democrats implementing a “white-liberal agenda.” He specifically points to the President’s policy of putting issues such as same-sex marriage and amnesty for illegal aliens in front of the struggling black community and curbing violence.

McKinley says boldly, “There is no Tea Party in my community, there is no Republicans in my community, so they can’t blame Republicans, they can’t [blame] Tea Parties; I can only blame the democrat-liberal agenda.”

Many members of the community I spoke with, in fact, agree that very little, if nothing at all, is being done to address the lack of jobs. And according to Vetress Boyce, a black woman who recently ran for alderman in the 24th ward, said hesitantly but specifically, “it’s black leadership” that is hindering job growth and failing the community. When asked flat out whether or not black people want jobs, her answer was definitive and clear: “the black community needs jobs; we need em, we want em, and it is a matter of life and death to us.”

In addition, a female black contractor, Tamiko Holt, explained that all the social programs and job training programs that purport to help the community and create a vibrant work force are not only a waste of millions of dollars but are also simply not working. She also explains that once a resident of the community is trained properly for employment, they have to “jump through the hoops of the unions” to get hired. She and others I spoke with claimed the unions are blatantly “discriminating against” blacks in their community, hiring only whites, Hispanics, and sometimes even illegal aliens before them.

Even members of the community who do still support Obama, like Rashida Ali, admit a completely different understanding of the economy than the President does. Rashida explains, “most American people, especially people of my ethnicity, they don’t understand that people create jobs, not government.”

The “war on women, war on minorities, blacks, immigrants, gays and war anyone else who the left claims can only in their right mind, be and vote for the Democrat Party,” highlight a strategy to pit Americans against one another. Most Americans, however, do have conservative values. Even those you might think agree wholeheartedly with the  government media are waking up to the liberal agenda, which is not about women, black people, or poor people–it’s about liberalism.

“Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any one class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe.” -Frederick Douglass


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