Americans Re-Elect Higher Taxes, Higher Gas Prices, and More Expensive Healthcare

Americans Re-Elect Higher Taxes, Higher Gas Prices, and More Expensive Healthcare

Barack Obama was re-elected, which essentially locks in tax hikes on everyone (forget the $250,000 barrier), and portends even greater increases in gas prices and healthcare costs. 

In truth, these consequences are so certain that people who voted for Obama were indirectly voting for higher taxes, higher prices at the pump, and more expensive and time consuming healthcare, whether they knew it or not.  And odds are, those who knew it are trusting Obama will find a way to excuse them from the penalties that start hitting the rest of us at the beginning of 2013.

January 2013 is when taxes go up on everyone. Heretofore the Bush tax cuts have keep taxes low, but Obama plans to reverse that, and repeatedly framed this as part of his intention to make the rich pay their fair share. The problem is, everyone’s taxes are going up (and the taxes involved in Obamacare will only increase this burden.)

And how about gas prices? When Obama took office in 2009, gas prices were approx $1.84 a gallon. They are now approx. $3.60, a 100% increase, and are set to climb higher for the reasons Gov. Romney pointed out in the second presidential debate: namely, because Obama has spent four years cutting back on domestics oil production while likewise saying “no” to new supplies of Canadian oil via the XL Pipeline. 

Lastly, health insurance costs are going to rise dramatically. All of us are soon to learn a lesson about just how expensive free healthcare can be. Moreover, we are to learn what Rush Limbaugh warned us about time and again when Obamacare was being debated in 2010, and he said: “This isn’t about healthcare, it’s about control.”

In a effect, what we’ve done by re-electing Barack Obama is given the government more control. And as a result, our taxes are going up, our gas prices are going up, and our healthcare expenses are going up. 

Welcome to Obama Part II. 


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